Psycroptic o szczeg贸艂ach nowej p艂yty „The Inherited Repression”


Australijczycy z PSYCROPTIC og艂osili dat臋 wydania ich pi膮tego pe艂nometra偶owego wydawnictwa – „The Inherited Repression”. P艂yta uka偶e si臋 7 lutego w Ameryce P贸艂nocnej a 10 lutego w Europie za po艣rednictwem Nuclear Blast Records. Szczeg贸艂y w rozwini臋ciu…

Oto komentarz gitarzysty, Joe Haley’a:

鈥淭he Inherited Repression is far and away my favorite Psycroptic album thus far – all of us in the band think this. It鈥檚 the age-old clich茅 from bands when they talk about their current album as being the best of their career, blah, blah, but I have to say it because it鈥檚 true. We wouldn鈥檛 think there is a point of going on if we couldn鈥檛 outdo each album prior. We are certainly not playing music for anything else than the love of creating it and performing it.

鈥淭he Inherited Repression is quite different from anything we have done in terms of song writing and structure, and we spent a lot longer writing and demoing the songs before we recorded it, which you can tell. It鈥檚 a very dynamic album – the fast elements faster, the slow elements slower, and a lot of light and dark binding it together. It鈥檚 a very catchy album as well – you can tap your foot, bang your head or anything else you want. Basically it has a lot of groove on it from start to finish.鈥

Lista utwor贸w wygl膮da nast臋puj膮co:

1. Carriers of the Plague
2. Forward to Submission
3. Euphorinasia
4. The Throne of Kings
5. Unmasking the Traitors
6. Become the Cult
7. From Scribe to Ashes
8. Deprivation
9. The Sleepers Have Awoken

„The Inherited Repression” zosta艂 wyprodukowany i zmiksowany przez Haley’a. Obowi膮zki masteringu przej膮艂 Alan Douches. P艂yta zosta艂a nagrana bez po艣piechu w domowym studiu Haley’a.

Sk艂ad zespo艂u:

Jason Peppiatt – Vocals
Cameron Grant – Bass
Joe Haley – Guitars
Dave Haley – Drums


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