Ivalys podpisa艂 kontrakt z Wormholedeath


Francuski zesp贸艂 z gatunku „symphonic groove metal” – IVALYS, podpisa艂 kontrakt p艂ytowy z Wormholedeath/Aural Music Group.

29 lutego 2012 zesp贸艂 wejdzie do Realsound Studio (Parma, W艂ochy) z producentem Wahoomi Corvi (Crysalys, The Way Of Purity, Haterial) aby zarejestrowa膰 sw贸j debiutancki kr膮偶ek „Lumen”. Wydawnictwo ujrzy 艣wiat艂o dzienne za po艣rednictwem wy偶ej wymienionego Wormholedeath w 2012 roku. Dok艂adna data zostanie podana p贸藕niej.

O艣wiadczenie zespo艂u:

„The band is extremely proud to announce the beginning of this adventure with Wormholedeath! It is very important for us to collaborate with persons that can hear us and think the way we do. It has been a very natural negotiation process and a great step for us. This event gave us the confidence we needed to surpass ourselves and even discover new facets of our musical identity! The best is to come !”

O艣wiadczenie wytw贸rni:

„Combining dark heavy rythms in the veins of聽 Meshuggah and Tesseract melted perfectly with brighter melodies, the music of the band is so intense and emotional by harmonizing opposites. Direct like a contrast, Ivalys compositions deliver a positive and strong energy. At the begining of 2011 the band released its first 4 tracks- EP called 鈥 Words In Time 鈥 … From that moment some managers suggested us to listen to it and we decided to have a meeting with the band. After a day together talking about music, animal liberation and politics we all understood that we had so many things in common and we decided to sign the contract. Their new music is amazing and the all the musicians are determined to push this to the next level. The contrast between complex grooves with symphonic arrangements and the melodic vocals聽 of聽 charismatic singer Jessica Donati will make them stand out. We are still working hard together with the band and producer to make this combination work perfectly and we’ll get there in time!!”



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