Graveworm prezentuje okładkę i listę utworów nowej płyty
Graveworm - Fragments Of Death

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Włoski Graveworm zapowiedział nowy album „Fragments Of Death”. Materiał ukaże się 21 października nakładem Nuclear Blast. Oto lista utworów nowej płyty:

01. Insomnia
02. Only Death In Our Wake
03. Absence Of Faith
04. Living Nightmare
05. The World Will Die In Flames
06. 不安の中で (Anxiety)
07. See No Future
08. The Prophecy
09. Remembrance
10. Old Forgotten Song
11. Where Angels Do Not Fly

12. Awake

Komentarz Stefano Fiori nt. płyty:

“For me, the cover artwork reflects exactly the lyrics. The album generally deals with the topic of death. So the fragments are pieces of the puzzle of death. Each one of the songs represents a way to die. For example, song 6 is about the happenings in Japan. Other songs are about war, which sadly still exists in this world these days. We’re all influenced by all of these proceedings. Be it that you’re confronted with them yourself, you know someone who is, or you see it in the media. The angel of death on the cover is made of pieces of the puzzle, the so-called elements of death…”

Daniel Hofer – autor oprawy graficznej:

„When the band presented the new album’s title and the contentual orientation to me, a concrete picture came to my mind quite quickly. An angel of death, rising from one dimension and returning to his former strenght. The ´fragments´of this angel of death are both depicted as shards and pieces of a puzzle – this image can be found throughout the whole booklet.

The basic idea for the cover can be transferred to the band’s musical return to their roots and can be compared to the quite well-behaved angel that could be seen on the (N)Utopia cover who returns now as a cornuted messenger of death.

After “Diabolical Figures”, it was a very nice and productive cooperation again and I’m happy that the band agreed on me as the designer once more.”


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