[download] Frosthammer – Winter’s Embrace (2010)


Winter’s Embrace (2010) demo

Frosthammer - Winter's Embrace

1. Frosthammer – In Silence
2. Frosthammer – Into the Perpetual Darkness
3. Frosthammer – Lost in a Forest of Ice
4. Frosthammer – Shadows
5. Frosthammer – The Biting Cold of Winter’s Embrace
6. Frosthammer – Where the Nothern Wind doth Blow (a viking saga)

Frosthammer started in spring of 2009 with the goal of recording innovative black metal with a variety of influences, staying true to the black metal genre while expanding on the ideas set by black metal’s founders. The name Frosthammer was intended to be a tribute to our influences “Celtic Frost” and “Hell Hammer.” The style we’ve adopted is heavily orchestrated, while trying to achieve an epic and heavy atmospheric sound.

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